Our Team

Dr. Tünde Buday – BSc (Hons), DVM, Owner

Dr. Buday has been part of Northview Pet Hospital since we opened in 1997. She decided to relocate and open our current facility in October 2002.

Dr. Buday received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1995 from the University of Guelph and she has been practicing veterinary medicine ever since. Before this she obtained her Honours Bachelor of Science in Physiology from the University of Toronto.

Dr. Buday’s love of animals is what drives her to provide her best care for your pet! She strives for excellence when it comes to the well-being and treatment of her patients, and, the management of her practice.

In her spare time, Dr.Buday loves cooking, travelling, and, spending time with her family which includes her daughter Madeline and their two cats named Mushu and Max.

Dr. Buday and her team look forward to seeing you and your furry friend!

Dr. Khaled Abdelhalim – PhD, DVM

Dr. Abdelhalim has been with us at Northview Pet Hospital since 2013. He has been practicing since 1992 after he received his Bachelors of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Cairo. He also has a Masters Degree and PhD in Animal Physiology.

Dr. Abdelhalim began practicing veterinary medicine in Canada in 2009 when he became certified by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. Dr.  Abdelhalim’s favourite parts of his job are helping animals recover after being admitted into our Urgent Care, and, educating our clients on preventative medications in order to keep their pets and family healthy and safe!

In his leisure time, Dr. Abdelhalim enjoys relaxing with a good book, spending time with his loving family, and, travelling to Egypt.

Maria M. -Animal Care Technician, Certified Veterinary Practice Manager

Maria graduated from Ridgetown College in 1996 as an Animal Care Technician. Maria also continued her education at Humber College in Leadership and Management in order to be a successful leader for her team. She is currently working towards becoming a member of the Veterinary Hospital Management Association. Ever since she was a child she has had a passion for animals; she started off by owning a horse, a hamster, a cat, a dog, rabbits, and, birds — all at once! Maria has always worked with animals; starting from teaching kids how to ride horses at Humber College as a teenager to working with small animals in veterinary clinics (including ours!). She enjoys the interaction with people, but most of all, interacting with pets. Continuing her education throughout the years has helped her to improve the care she provides for our patients.

“The love for animals leads you to a whole world of unconditional love.”

Madeline B. – Social Media Ambassador, Veterinary Assistant

Madeline graduated from the University of Toronto in 2021 with her Honours Bachelors of Science. She has been involved with Northview Pet Hospital for as long as she can remember; as a child spending the afternoon shadowing her mother and caring for the animals to when she eventually became a part of the team when she was older. Being raised in a household with 5 cats and immersed in clinic life, Madeline has always had a love for animals and their wellbeing. Madeline loves talking to our clients and cuddling with all the animals that come through the door. In her spare time, Madeline drinks a lot of coffee and enjoys going out with friends and family.

Adriana P. – Senior Registered Veterinary Technician

Adriana graduated from Seneca College in 2006 as a Registered Veterinary Technician and has been a part of the our team since 2003. Animals have always been a part of Adriana’s life; whether it was feeding the stray cats on her street or taking care of her own pets. Adriana is an advocate for the welfare and fair treatment of animals, and, always makes it a top priority in the care she provides. Now she spends her time helping others care for their beloved pets by sharing her knowledge and hopes to make the bond between pet and owner stronger. In her spare time, Adriana loves reading and spending time with her family.

Elena M. – Registered Veterinary Technician

Elena graduated from college as a Registered Veterinary Technician. Ever since she can remember, Elena has wanted to work with animals so a career in this field came naturally to her. She rescues injured and orphaned animals and has experience working with wildlife as well as domestic pets. Outside of work she enjoys spending her time with her family (furry family members included)! As depicted above her furry family includes her dog named Mocha, her rabbit named Skittles, and, her cat named Storm.

Cecilia M. – Registered Veterinary Technician

Cecilia has been working at Northview Pet Hospital since 2011. She started as a high school co-op student and then joined our team. Cecilia has always had a love for animals which is why she chose a career in this field. Currently, Cecilia went to school at the University of Guelph to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. Cecilia’s favourite aspect of her job is the learning which helps her grow, and, educate our clients in order to make more knowledgeable decisions that’s best for their pets and family. She enjoys spending time with all her fur babies.

Debbie E. – Veterinary Assistant

Debbie attended Sheridan College to become a Animal Care Attendant and has been in the veterinary field since she was 19 years old. She has always loved taking care of animals which is what inspired her to begin her career in the veterinary world. Debbie has enjoyed every moment of her career in vet clinics but her favourite part about her job is the animals’ recovery from their ailments and illnesses. In her spare time, she loves participating in recreational activities with her three energetic kids and going on long hikes.

Sara S. – Client Service Representative

Sara has had a love of animals ever since she can remember and has always had them in her life. Growing up her family had two dogs and inspired after her first pony ride, kept four horses. As she got older, Sara wanted to play a role in animal healthcare and decided to work in veterinary hospitals. She joined our team at Northview Pet Hospital in 2022 and enjoys helping clients find creative solutions for their pets. Currently, Sara has two of her own fur babies, two spunky Pomskies named Phoebe and Kobe, who keep her very busy during her time off.

Vivian T. – Client Service Representative

Vivian graduated from the University of Guelph in 2022 with her Honours Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology. Ever since she was a child, Vivian has always wanted to become a veterinarian and is currently working towards that goal. Throughout her career she has had very diverse experiences and worked with many types of animals including wildlife, exotics and companion. Vivian started as a volunteer in 2019 and shortly after joined our team. In her spare time, she enjoys gaming, camping and going for hikes with her dog Tulo.

Andrew T. – Professional Animal Groomer

Andrew joined the Northview Pet Hospital as a part-time professional pet groomer in the summer of 2013. Fresh out of high school Andrew found a job working at an animal hospital working as a Grooming Assistant/Animal Care Tenant. In 2009 he studied grooming at Royal York Animal Hospital, becoming a professional groomer in 2011. Andrew shares his home with his feline friends. Andrew’s love of animals extends to the great outdoors as he is an avid hiker! His other hobbies include soccer, and, anything that keeps him outside and active.

Gilbert – Security

Gilbert was a stray kitten who was found outside on a very cold January day and was brought to Dr.Buday’s doorstep by her neighbour. She then brought him to Northview Pet Hospital where he is happy to be indoors, well fed and well loved. Now Gilbert plays an active role in our team as as our security guard and watches all the ongoings of the hospital!

Queenie – Greeter

In the summer of 2021, Queenie decided she wanted to work at Northview Pet Hospital and staked out Maria’s front yard until she got the job. Shortly after being hired, she went on a short maternity leave but was then eager to work. Queenie thoroughly enjoys her position here meeting and greeting all of our clients; if you feel a gentle ‘boop’ while you are sitting in our waiting room –it is most likely her! Her favourite pastimes are watching YouTube videos and playing iPhone games.


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